Assisted Reproduction Technologies

IVF Chamber

IVF Chamber IVFtech Unica Semi Closed IVF workstation The IVFtech UNICA is a semi closed system for careful gamete and embryo manipulation, which has always been a key element of laboratory embryology and has contributed substantially to the success of many assisted reproduction procedures.  Suboptimal in vitro conditions may both distress the competence to develop …

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Air Purifiers

Air Purifier – Coda Aero and Coda Tower Coda Aero Descriptions Download Descriptions Coda® Aero is air purifier with the Coda® filters that reduced particulates, harmful volatile organic compunds (VOCs) and chemical airborne contaminants (CACs). 270° design allows the Coda® Aero to be placed anywhere in the room. The variable speed fan can be adjusted …

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