IVF Chamber

IVFtech Unica Semi Closed IVF workstation

The IVFtech UNICA is a semi closed system for careful gamete and embryo manipulation, which has always been a key element of laboratory embryology and has contributed substantially to the success of many assisted reproduction procedures. 

Suboptimal in vitro conditions may both distress the competence to develop in vitro and lead to irreversible long-term alterations in the characteristics of the foetal and post-natal growth. Therefore, caution should be taken in the handling and manipulation of the oocytes and early embryos in order to achieve a stable biological optimal atmosphere, which creates optimal conditions for embryo growth. 

The employment of IVF controlled-atmosphere workstations has been proposed in order to meet the special requirements of oocyte and embryo handling during IVF. This self-contained chamber reproduces the incubator conditions allowing the embryologists to perform oocytes and embryo manipulation while minimizing even slight alterations of the environmental conditions (temperature changes, gas composition, culture medium osmolarity and pH) and preserving the embryo developmental potential.



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IVFtech Unica Semi Closed IVF Workstation, HiMacs, Electrically heated area, prep. For 1 microscope, Including Light Source and 1 electrical outlet


IVFtech Unica Semi Closed IVF Workstation, Prep. for Witness, prep. For 1 microscope, Including Light Source and 1 electrical outlet


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Stand for IVFtech Unica


A-Stand U, Electrically Adjustable for Unica, with Wheels


F-Stand U, Fixed Stand for Unica, with wheels